October, 2019

What's Up

October 3
School Board Meeting - 6:00 pm

October 5
Evergreen Memorial Historic Cemetery Annual Preschool Pumpkin Patch
There will be pumpkins to take home as well as a bouncy house and games for $5.00 per child (parents are free).

October 22 - 23
My First Handprints Fundraiser - 9:00 am
Handprints Fundraiser - $15.00 per child per ceramic handprint. Great for Christmas gifts. More information coming as the event gets closer.

October 31
Trunk and Treat Harvest Parties - 10:00 am
Each family is required to bring a bag of candy, fruit snacks or stickers by October 28th. Please drop them off in the school office.

Classroom Harvest Parties
- Please sign up in your child’s classroom to bring a special lunch item

Trunk & Treat
- Volunteers are needed to set up and run games out of their trunk.
- Please see Dar if you can help.

- Children can come in their costumes.
- Please provide a change of clothes for your child in a clearly marked bag so that we can send your child’s costume back in it.
- Do not send weapons, items that can be used as a weapon, items that can be swallowed or considered dangerous.
- Please no scary costumes, masks or costumes that restrict their vision.


- Our parking lot is being completely redone September 30th - October 25. Dropping off and picking up will only be affected October 21- 25th. Instructions will change daily so be patient with us.

- Riverside is being invaded by Aedes Mosquitos. We have had a few of them making their presence known. Our school has been checked by the Northwest Mosquito and Vector Control. We were informed they are not breeding here, so they can’t help us. Common spraying, etc., will not get rid of them, but repellents will work. I have attached information on mosquito bite prevention. We are not allowed to keep repellents at the school, but if your child is being affected it can be applied at home.

- Eden Lutheran Preschool has been informed of a new state regulation that will be enforced during nap-time. Children can only have a secure fitting sheet and 1 small blanket. No stuffed animals or pillows are allowed on the cots. If a child is having a hard time sleeping without their stuffed animal we can put it next to their cot on the floor.