Eden Lutheran Preschool

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January, 2012

What’s Up
January, 2012

January 2 New Year’s Day, school closed

January 4-5 Free vision screening
Donated by the Riverside Elks. Please complete the required paperwork and leave it on Dar’s desk.

January 12 School Board meeting at 6:00 pm

January 16 School closed for Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday

January 25 The Riverside Fire Department is coming by for a demonstration and to talk about fire safety at 10:00am

December, 2011

What’s Up
December, 2011

December 2 Turn in See’s Christmas Candy Orders

December 8 School Board meeting at 6:00 pm

December 9 Expected date for Candy pick-up

December 12 Church Christmas Bazaar 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. Handmade crafts, food, etc.

December 14 Classroom Christmas Parties
Please sign up in the classroom to bring something

December 16 Christmas Program 11:00 am

December 23 Christmas, school closed

December 26 Christmas, school closed

December 30 New Year’s, school closed

January 2, 2012 New Year’s, school closed

Have a blessed holiday!

November, 2011

What’s Up
November, 2011

November 10 School Board meeting at 6:00 pm

November 12 Church Christmas Bazaar 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. Handmade crafts, food, etc.

November 14 See’s Christmas Candy Fundraiser starts today. Turn in orders on December 2, 2011

November 18 Thanksgiving Feast 11:30 am
Please sign up in the office to bring something. Families welcome - Please let Dar know how many to expect.

November 24 Thanksgiving Day, school closed
November 25 Thanksgiving vacation, school closed

Have a great holiday!

October, 2011

What’s Up
October, 2011

October 5 Picture Day - Starts 9:00 am

October 13 School Board meeting at 6:00 pm

October 19 A visit from Officer McGruff at 10:00 am

October 26 Trunk & Treat / Harvest Parties at 10:00 am
Each family is required to bring a bag of candy, fruit snacks or stickers by October 24

Classroom Harvest Parties:
Please sign up in your child’s classroom to bring a special lunch item

Trunk & Treat:
Volunteers needed to set up and run games out of their trunk. Please see Dar (the Director) if you can help.

Children can come in their costumes.
Please provide a change of clothes for your child in a clearly marked bag so that we can send your child’s costume back in it.
Do not send weapons, items that can be used as a weapon or items that can be swallowed or considered dangerous.
Please no scary costumes or masks. Also no costumes that restrict your child’s vision.

If you have any questions or are willing to help, contact Dar (the Director).

September, 2011

What’s Up
September, 2011

September 1 School Closed for Teacher In-Service

September 2 School Closed for Teacher In-Service

September 5 School Closed for Labor Day

September 6 First Day of School
Fall Fundraiser starts - $10 Fantastic Fundraising Discount Cards

September 8 School Board meeting at 6:00 pm

September 23 Back to School Night at 6:00 pm
Dinner Fundraiser and Raffle

September 26 Fall Fundraiser ends
Turn in all discount card order forms

September 30 Dentist Visit
Dr. Mutinga will visit and talk about our healthy smiles

A re-enrollment fee of $80 will be added to your account as of September 1st, if you have not already paid it.

August, 2011

What’s Up
August, 2011

August 11 School Board meeting at 6:00 pm.

August 24 Water Play and Watermelon Day!
Wear bathing suit under clothes. Bring labeled towel and water shoes. Apply sunscreen before bringing your child.

August 24 Elks Club - Sponsored Vision Screening, 9:00 am.
Permission slip and sign-in needed. Please see Dar in the office.

It’s time to re-register for preschool. $60 for curriculum fee and $20 for disaster preparedness is required annually. These fees are due by August 31st. Newly enrolled children may be exempt.

As an on-going fundraiser we are collecting empty Capri Sun packets for Terracycle. Please give them to Dar or leave them by the sign in book. Thank you for your support.

Eden Lutheran School Event Calendars for 2011-2012 are available in the office if you have not received one yet.

Coming In September:
The school will be closed for teacher in-service on September 1st and 2nd. Labor Day is September 5th and the first day of school for 2011-2012 is September 6th. We are looking forward to another great year at Eden Lutheran Preschool.

July, 2011

What’s Up
July, 2011

July 4 School Closed for Independence Day.
Have a safe and fun-filled holiday weekend! The church is having a big 4th of July celebration and barbecue. Please see the school office for flyers and parking passes.

July 13 Water play day. Children can come in their swim suit with a cover up. Please sunscreen your child before bringing them and we will reapply. Please have clothes to change into in a clearly marked bag. All children need water shoes and a towel.

July 14 School Board meeting at 6:00 pm.

It’s getting hot, so here are a few warm weather reminders:

Please apply sunscreen to your child each morning and we will reapply when we go outside.

If desired you can bring a clearly labeled water bottle for your child. It will be kept in your child’s cubby.

Children can not wear flip flops to school. All sandals must have a low heel and a back strap.

We are still collecting empty Capri Sun pouches for Teracycle as an ongoing fundraiser. Please leave them in the school office.

June, 2011

What’s Up
June, 2011

June 4, 7:00 am-12:00 pm - Church Rummage Sale

June 17, 11:00 am - Pre-Kindergarten Graduation
Please have the Pre-Kers dressed in their
Sunday best and here by 10:30 am

June 27 to July 1, 5:30-8:30 pm - Vacation Bible School
This year’s theme: Pandamania

A few summertime reminders:
- Please bring spray-on-clear sunscreen with
your child’s name clearly marked on it.
- Flip-flops are not allowed. All sandals must
have back straps and no heel.
- We are collecting empty Capri Sun pouches as
an ongoing fundraiser.

May, 2011

What’s Up
May, 2011

May 2-6 - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 6 - Teacher Luncheon
Please sign up to bring a lunch item for the teachers

May 12, 6:00 pm - School Board Meeting

May 19, 6:00 pm - Spring Open House & BBQ Fundraiser

May 30 - Memorial Day: School Closed
Have a great weekend!

April, 2011

What’s Up
April, 2011

April 8 - See’s fundraiser orders are due.
Candy should be in the 15th.

April 13, 8:00 am - Spring pictures
Pre-K children will have Graduation pictures taken.

April 14, 6:00 pm - School Board Meeting

April 18 - Mother’s Day Card Fundraiser starts
A large selection of cards are available in the
school office.

April 21 - Easter Picnic, Hunt & Parties
Each child is required to bring a sack lunch to school.
Please sign up in the office to bring a special item and
check with your child’s teacher for other classroom
needs. Thank you for your support!

April 22 - School is closed for Good Friday
Have a great Easter weekend!

March, 2011

What’s Up
March, 2011

March 4 - Trike-a-thon
All money is due for the fund-raiser

March 7-11 -
Scholastic Book Fair
Books will be displayed for purchase
from Mon. at 4:00 pm to Fri. 12:30 pm

March 11, 10:00-11:30 am -
Grandparents’ Day
Each child can invite a grandparent or special person
to spend the morning with them at preschool

March 11, 6:00 pm - School Board Meeting

March 17 - Green Eggs and Ham Lunch
Please sign up in the office to bring something

Thank you so much for your efforts and support!

February, 2011

What’s Up
February, 2011

February 7 - Trike-a-thon
Paperwork is available in the office

February 9, 10:00 am - Police Puppet Show
“Stranger Danger”

February 11, 6:00 pm - School Board Meeting

February 14 - Class Valentine’s Day Parties
Sign up to bring something in your child’s class

February 25, 10:00 am - Trike-a-thon
If you can help, please let Dar know

we are collecting Capri Sun pouches and old cell phones.
Please leave them in the school office.