Eden Lutheran Preschool

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October, 2022

What's Up

Oct 13
School Board Meeting via Zoom 6:00 pm

Oct 20
Picture Day 9:00 am

Oct 31
Trunk & Treat and Harvest Parties 10:00am      
Each family is required to bring a bag of candy, fruit snacks or stickers by Oct 25.
Please drop it off in the school office.  Please do not bring candy with nuts in it.  

Classroom Harvest Parties 
-Please sign up in your child's classroom to bring a special lunch item                                  

Trunk & Treat
-Volunteers are needed to set up and run games out of their trunk.  
-Please see Dar if you can help.

-Children can come in their costumes.
-Please provide a change of clothes for your child in a clearly marked bag so that we can send your child's costume back in it.
-Do not send weapons, items that can be used as a weapon, items that can be swallowed or considered dangerous.
-Please no scary costumes, masks or costumes that restrict their vision.

*We are selling 2023 Shop Riverside Discount Cards for the ninth year. They cost $15 ($10 profit per card). We are encouraging each family to purchase one as well as sell some to friends and family.   This card is full of great deals- come and look.  See Dar for more information.

*Children can only have a secure fitting sheet and 1 small blanket.  No stuffed animals or pillows are allowed on the cots.  If a child is having a hard time sleeping without their stuffed animal, we can put it next to their cot on the floor.

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